Indoor Bowls 6 October 2014

On Monday October 6th 2014 Spalding Springfields Probus played the Sleaford Probus A team. Everybody met shortly before the match and all were very friendly.  I was Lead on Rink 2 and it was my first game in thirty years. When I did bowl previously it was outdoors on grass and so the experience of a fast indoor green was totally new and a bit baffling. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it, as I told Alan Larner our team captain. Mind you, as it looks as though I am available to play in all the matches this season, I wonder how long I can cover my incompetence with this particular cover story. The results unfortunately only show the Spalding Springfields Probus side as I forgot to obtain Sleaford’s details.


Results                       Springfields                                                           Sleaford A

Rink 1    D Marriott,  R Walpole,  N Tasker      15 – 9        G Taylor,  P Bacon,  B Jimmer

Rink 2    N Wickenden,  A  Larner,  T Mason   6 – 26       G Glover,  T Thackray,  E Bird

Rink 3    L  Asher,  K Woods,   J Taylor             12  – 10      E Trayner,  B Sqawley,  S Trayner

Rink 4    M Walpole,  H Greaves,  D Jex            10 – 18       P Pratt,  A Horne,  J Pitkin

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