Indoor Bowls Monday November 17th

On Monday November 17th 2014 Springfields Probus Club played Sleaford Probus at the Castle Sports complex in Spalding. After some swapping of positions Springfields walked off as eventual winners at 6/4. My rink was again beaten but at least we did better this time. Perhaps I am improving but I just have this feeling that the opposition were not quite a strong as we have previously played.


Results                       Springfields                                                        Sleaford

Rink 1     N Wickenden, A  Larner, D Salmon       5 – 14     T  Thackery, D Barr, B Paterson

Rink 2     L Asher, K Woods, J Taylor                     13 – 9      A Hannah, R Hannah, D Dawn

Rink 3     D Marriott, J Bailey, G West                    43 – 4       J Thorne, B Thorne, B Ellison

Rink 4     M Walpole, A Farmer, H Greaves           19 – 24     B Crawley, R Cooper, D Duffey

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