Indoor Bowls Monday November 24th


Alan Larner taking it easy.


On Monday November 24th 2014 Spalding Springfields Probus Club played Spalding B Probus at the Castle Sports complex in Spalding.  My rink was well beaten again. At least I am improving but I am still not good enough. Spalding B won the day scoring 8 -2.



The opposition concentrating on winning.


Results                       Springfields                                                        Spalding B

Rink 1     A  Larner, N Wickenden,  H Greaves       2 – 24    D Hall, A Pitts, E Spours

Rink 2     M Walpole, A Farmer, D Salmon             5 – 25     J Overton, J Newby, A Lunh

Rink 3     L Asher, K Woods, J Taylor                      17 – 10    D Head, C Young, D Cocks

Rink 4     D Marriott, J Bailey, N Tasker                  7 – 21     B Craft, B Geary, R Perkins

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