Indoor Bowls Monday October 20th



Spalding's Castle Sports Complex entrance.

Spalding’s Castle Sports Complex entrance.


On Monday October 6th 2014 Spalding Springfields Probus played the Spalding Probus A team. Everybody met shortly before the match and all were very friendly. This was my second game after a thirty year lay off.  As a result of my performance two weeks ago I was moved up to Number 2!  Those of us on rink 1 were far outclassed and the score line shows it. I was told that Spalding A had sympathy for us as their Skipper is an exceptional player.  The other two weren’t bad either.


Ian Hagger bowling Lead for Spalding Probus A on rink 1.

Ian Hagger bowling Lead for Spalding Probus A on rink 1.


Results                       Springfields                                                           Spalding A

Rink 1    A  Larner, N Wickenden, T Mason      2 – 33        I Hagger, M Belding, M Elding

Rink 2   D Marriott, J Bailey, J Taylor                17 – 9       C White. A Belding, M Jennings

Rink 3    C Ellis, S Hatton, D Jex                          2  – 31      J Gills, T Bell, P Godding

Rink 4    M Walpole, R Walpole,  N Tasker       13 – 8       G Jones, B Duff, P Lane

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