Indoor Bowls Monday 12 January 2015

On Monday January 12th 2015 Spalding Springfields Probus Club played Mayflower Probus at the Castle Sports complex in Spalding.


Results                       Springfields                                            Mayflower

Rink 1   L Archer, K Woods, J Taylor            14- 14  R Thacker, R Harding, R Goodale

Rink 2   D Marriott, J Bailey, N Tasker        16 – 11  T Dunnington, B Mortlock, A Dunnett

Rink 3   A Larner, G West, R Salmon           13 – 28  G Harris, P Sharman, A Bristow

Rink 4   M Walpole, R Walpole, H Greaves 21 – 2   I Roberts, J Allen, G Gallichan

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