Lincolnshire Vice Presidents Association

The Lincolnshire Vice Presidents Association are a group of male bowlers that reside in Lincolnshire. They enjoy bowling and meeting bowlers from different areas. They travel to different venues playing against different opposition and at the same time making new friends. Wives and partners are welcome to support the team and enjoy the meal at the end of the game along with meeting and making friends with other members and their wives.

They play most of their games with rinks of four players: Lead. Second, Three and Skip. Their opposition comes from different counties, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire,  Northants, Leicestershire and Derbyshire. They also play different clubs within Lincolnshire. They also enjoy playing visiting teams touring from other areas.

They respect the laws o bowling and wear white shirts with association tie, grey trousers and a blazer. For the game itself, they change into whites. On completion of the game they enjoy a meal together with their fellow bowlers, and of course the opposition.

One of the members is Spalding Springfields Probus Club President for 2017 – 2019, John Bailey who can be contacted on 01775 769038.

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