February 2015 Speaker

TheĀ Springfields Probus Club met on Wednesday February 19th for the monthly meeting and our guest speaker was Michael Hodgson representing the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC). This is a subject I am interested in as I have been on six WW1 Battlefields trips with Spalding Grammar School and seen a number of CWGC cemeteries in Belgium and France. The largest being Tyn Cot outside Ypres (they now spell it Yper) in Belgium.


Tyn Cot Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery .

Tyn Cot Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery .

He gave us a lot of information in the form af facts and figures as well as explaining what the CWGC does. The CWGC has a web site HERE where one can look up the locations of relatives buried in one of their cemeteries. I have found the locations of two great uncles. One is in the ~Brie cemetery, Northern France and I shall be placing a ceramic poppy on his grave September 20th 2018 which will be the 100th anniversary of his death. The ther is at the North Gate of Baghdad and I will not be visiting until things there cool down somewhat.

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