September Speaker :- Andrew Parsons

Spalding Springfields Probus Club met on Wednesday September 17th for the monthly meeting and our guest speaker was Andrew Parsons of Bennett Butchers, 241 Winsover Road, Spalding. Andrew told us why the meat they offer for sale is likely to be better than that supplied by the average supermarket. He explained that he chooses animals at various farms who have been used and trusted for years. These are then taken to an abattoir where they are humanely dispatched and the carcasses hung for the optimum length of time before being expertly butchered. I found there is more to getting the best from an animal than I previously thought. Andrew spoke for about half an hour and I found his talk to be interesting as well as informative.


Bennet Butchers Shop Front

Bennett Butchers Shop Front



Just before writing this short article I saw that Bennett Butchers have just won an award for their sausages. Andrew Parsons celebrating 1st (and 6th) prizes in last Saturday’s South Holland Lincolnshire Sausage Fest 2014.


And the Winner Is

And the Winner Is



I’d like to say well done to Andrew for his talk and for providing evidence of the quality of his meat products.






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